Imperial Roofs is a roofing contractor. Our team is skilled and experienced and will take extra care to ensure your satisfaction upon completion of your roofing project. We are the ultimate in versatility, quality & cost effectiveness. Our roofing construction experience has served clients in the residential, commercial & industrial markets extensively. By combining our experience with quality roofing materials, we create a solution that works for you. We listen to our clients and respond to their needs. We take great pride in helping our clients see their dreams become realities. We strive to develop business relationships that are based on respect, trust, and honesty. That is what sets us apart from other roofing services.

These are the major services that we provide to our customer:
    » Asphalt Shingle Replacement
    » Eavestroughs/Gutters, Soffit & Fascia
    » Siding - Vinyl, Aluminum
    » Leaf Screen for Gutters
    » Rooftop Snow & Ice Dam Removal
    » Roof Repairs
    » Roof Evaluations
    » Cedar Shakes
    » Slate Roofs
    » Insurance Claims
    » Ventilation Upgrades

Repair & Maintenace

Imperial Roofs currently provides maintenance programe/solutions works to privately owned homes, local authorities, development companies and national chain stores. With many years experience and a highly skilled team we are on hand to help with all of your roof and building maintenance questions and issues.. Timely and thorough maintenance checks are imperative to preclude widespread roof damage and assist in the elimination and control of mould, damages and leakages any roof can experience.

In order to control mould issues, leaks and natural damage, we recommend a regular preventive maintenance program to help sustain your roof and premises. Exactly how often does depend on the buildings location and design, however it is recommended that the building be inspected after the first year of occupation to determine its future maintenance requirements and the duration required between inspections In most cases we recommend a regular preventive maintenance program to help sustain your roof and premises.
We fully understand the importance of keeping gutters and associated pipes clear of debris as well as ensuring water is dispersed from the roof area as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rainwater ‘pooling’ upon a roof can lead to the early corrosion and dilapidation of steel guttering and roof sheeting alike.

Sustained lack of attention to any roof can cause leaks forming that cannot be tracked and could eventually lead to structural damage to your property.

At Imperial Roofs we know that regular maintenance is the best way to keep your roof and your property in good condition as well as helping to avoid large structural jobs and excessive emergency costs. Fees for our maintenance program obviously depends on the size of the roof in question, its age and the material/s it is made from. However, we pride ourselves on being a cost effective company, an element of our service that has kept our customers content and lead them to recommend us to others.

Every maintenance project we carry out is surveyed in detail by our highly skilled and experienced team and a Risk Assessment & Method Statement is issued for approval prior to commencement of any maintenance works.

Aluminum Services

In a never ending cycle of home repair and maintenance, we at Imperial Roofs have been providing the GTA with a wide variety of home renovation services that will help to restore and beautify your home. Our services range from simple eavestrough and down spout replacement & leaf gaurd, to more extensive projects that can include soffit, fascia siding work. Below you will find a few examples of how our services can changes the appearance of your home and increase its value and curb appeal.To know more visit

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